Clothes Talk

Dear Stranger,

In the last post, I mentioned that a key question for my initial research was about how people express themselves through clothing. I though in this post I would talk more about what that means and how it happens.  There is a lot of theorists on the subject and a lot of different ideas about the function of clothing in society or to individuals, but I'll try and keep this a concise as possible. 

To put it simply fashion is a way in which we can express who we are in a social setting, it is also a way for us to express how our identity might be changing. The obvious thing to point out here would be that clothing communicates in a series of codes, so in order to understand what is being said, you must understand the codes. These clothing codes are culturally created, you understand what they mean because you are surrounded by the culture they come from. This means you could know what someone is trying to say with their clothing without being fully able to articulate what that is. So that means the answer to the question, how do people express themselves through their clothing is they just do. Being part of the culture and social situation means you absorb the coded and meaning formed in clothing and you use them, but more importantly, you understand when others use them. 

Which means if you think you just don't know whats in fashion, you probably do, you just don't know how to describe it. Which I guess is good news if you happened to care about being in fashion. 

So how is all of this information relevant to my project? Well, it influenced one of the key ideas of the collection 'unity through wearability' which means I wanted to create wearable clothing that can be layered on top of each other. This will hopefully that the clothing becomes functional in each person's wardrobe, so they can wear it longer for more occasions

I've included some of the initial sketches that I started with to design the collection, This is a collage of some of the other drawings I've done all put on one page. As yo can see I really liked the idea of hoods in the early part of the process...

I guess that's all for now

lots of love


initial inspiration.jpg