Hello, an introduction to Dear Stranger Designs

Dear Stranger,

Welcome to my first blog post! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for years, and now I’m finally doing it. I can’t wait to share my projects and experiences with you.

This blog is part of a new business I’m starting where I up cycle clothes and give them new life. Each year tonnes of clothes end up in landfill, and by thinking about new cool and modern ways to reinvent clothing I hope to save some of them from the rubbish dump. I’m by no means an expert at this, I’m just trying to see what can be done so any advice and feedback is definitely welcome. If you’re interested in seeing the clothes I have for sale I post most of them on my Facebook page.

For me clothes have always held a magical property, there something about how you can reinvent yourself by wearing different clothes that has always fascinated me. My passion for making clothes started very young when my mother taught me how to sew at the age of 10. This continued through out the years until it finally took me to university where I completed my degree in fashion design.

I hope this blog will be a place where I can continue that journey with you and share all the things I learn along the way.

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Can’t wait to start


Me in Cape Town in Summer 2018

Me in Cape Town in Summer 2018

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