New Ideas and old ideas

Dear Stranger,

I've been thinking a lot recently on how to talk about this collection. I'm starting to wonder if the old way of thinking about it is accurate? If that is still what I'm really doing...  This project used to be completely focused on sustainability, in my original proposal I talked about zero-waste cutting and organic dyeing, really the quintessential things you think about when you think about sustainable fashion.  So why did I change?  I started to think that whilst there is great potential for zero-waste cutting in fashion and if I had perhaps a year and the help of Holly McQuillan her self I could possibly achieve a commercial product that was zero waste. When it comes to fashion though you learn very quickly that you've got to work in the time frames otherwise, no matter how inspired the idea it will never work. So you have to make things that can be done in the time frame you have.

In my last few post I have been going back and looking back at what I was talking about before. Now I think its time to go forward and look at what I'm talking about now, and why.  Right now I am thinking about creating clothing that wraps around the body and can be layered on top of each other so that you can not only wear the same clothing in multiple situations but that it can also stay with you longer as you grow and change throughout you life. That essentially my take on sustainability at the moment, creating clothing from fabrics that doesn't harm the environment that is made to function in a persons wardrobe for a long period of time.  

The image below is the collection line up I was working with a few weeks ago, it has changed a few times since then, you can see back then I wanted to use soft colors inspired by nature that could be worn with lots of different colors and patterns.  The collection was going to be made out of suiting so would be appropriate as office attire. I've changed this a bit too (I'll talk more about this in the ext post). As you can see the process is really about adopting and changing as things around you shift and change. My problem however is that I find it hard to have faith in my own vision and that can cloud the ways other people think about the project. 

As always there is lots more to say but I'll finish here for now and talk again later

Love always



initial line up.jpg